The Target For Your Online Reputation Is Five Stars.

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For an easy solution to developing a Five-Star Reputation watch the video below. It requires little to no technical skills on your part. If you have email addresses for your Customers, or can get them, the hard part is done.

Click the image to watch the video (it is mobile friendly) which shows you how everything works. ThenĀ email your questions to:


How Do I Get More Reviews Video
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How Simple This Solution Is To Use

  1. Use our system to ask your existing or past customers for their comments and rating on your product or services.
  2. You enter their name and email address and this system will email them a link to your automatically created feedback page where they can rate you and leave any comments.
  3. You get a copy of all feedback that is left.
  4. You can also show these reviews on your own website, if you choose.
  5. You can easily Share reviews that have been left on your Social Media.